LEADER in training AGE 14+

Our sleepaway camp and retreats are held in Bala/Muskoka and are small personalized and full of fun, laughter, new experiences and self discovery. The focus is on connecting with ourselves and others while working the mind and body. We live in close quarters in 2 large cabins and work like a commune helping, learning, leading, participating while empowering ourselves and others. Our camp activities are based around paddle boarding, the water, yoga, meditation, crazy fitness classes, Zumba, leadership lessons, life lessons, hikes, nature and living in the now.

A full weekend course to learn the skills to become a qualified camp counsellor or volunteer earning an LIT and CPR certificate and the opportunity to receive 40 volunteer hours on a P4T summer camp. Leadership, presentation skills, managing kids and summer camp organization skills acquired all while having fun and keeping fit and building girls self esteem.



girls self esteem in Toronto

girls self esteem in toronto


At Power4Teens we believe in an open mind, a strong body and a beautiful soul and all our lessons, teachings, interactions and activities reflect that belief. We create an environment where we celebrate the fact that we are all unique and respect others differing opinions and we seek to grow together as a community. We believe you need a good understanding of yourself (which can take an entire lifetime!) to know how to manage your emotions and relationships with others. It is only with practice that we achieve a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit and we achieve that mainly through silliness, fun & laughter.

So join us for fun, laughter, fitness, building self esteem, meeting great people and working out who you are, who you want to be, what you want to do and start living the life of that person NOW, why wait to feel and be fabulous!!

What an AWESOME idea...... let's forget for a moment about traditional education, Kumon and Oxford Learning Centres, let's talk about what really creates success and happiness and invest our time in that.. oh yeah!! We know it's important to know how to multiply, do fractions and spell stuff, but it isn't everything, in fact at Power4Teens we believe there is so much more. True power, success and happiness comes from having a healthy self esteem and confidence, it dictates how we treat and feel about ourselves and others, how we assert ourselves, view and act in the world, and take care of our basic needs and desires.

Girls groups run throughout the school year, 1.5hrs in the evening for getting together for fitness, fun, connecting, talking about life, relationships, happiness, stress, parents, careers, the future. These weekly groups are to build girls self esteem and improve girls confidence, self understanding, fitness and leading them to healthy life options by providing positive role models and controlled positive peer group discussions.


One on one guidance, counselling and coaching for girls to help them navigate through life. Everyone needs to talk and often it takes someone outside the family to help bring out the missing pieces. One on one coaching is very client specific and can include goal setting, building self esteem, improving self understanding and communication or stress reduction techniques including yoga and meditation or talk therapy. Whether you think your child has a specific issue, has issues at school or home or you just don't know coaching and seeking guidance could be for you. Having someone experienced in youth issues to listen with a compassionate ear and providing alternate ways of seeing things can change things for the better. This is a gift all of us should have had access to because the teenage years are wild and it is a complicated landscape to navigate alone.




AGE 8-14



Girls Summer camps are held in Bloor West Village and are crazy fun. Totally interactive, focusing on understanding and improving girls self esteem and confidence and lots of amazing physical activities centered around self defence, stand up paddle boarding, beach volleyball and sooooo much more. An incredible mix of self understanding, nutrition, health and activity.