Your mother is annoying and doesn't understand anything.

Your mother is super embarrassing in public, at home, in front of your friends, all the time ahhhhhh

Your mother has no idea what you are going through.

Your mother is nothing like you and can't relate.

Your mother knows almost nothing!!!... oh, did we say that already.

You love her (you think) but most of the time she's driving you mad or nagging you.

You wish your mother was more like....

You don't want to come on this day with your mum, it sounds really painful.



You love her to bits, but she's driving you slightly mad.

You love who she is and at the same time struggle with her choices/decisions or behaviour.

You've lost your way a bit within the relationship and want to get it back.

You've actually forgotten what it was like to be her age and want to find a better way to remember so you can relate again.

You do not understand the world your daughter lives in - it's changed so much and causing you to be at odds.

You want to have fun, laugh together and get to know each other better.

AGE - You'll know when it's happening (anytime after age 10, sometimes it starts at 15 and keeps going). We take mum/daughters up to age 17. The age range doesn't matter, it all seems to work. This is not about finding a friend or having someone your age there anyway, its about the 2 of you. It's building or fixing the mother/daughter bond in a really fun, lighthearted, humorous and joyful way. We will laugh, we will be surprised, we will hug and we will find strategies from being able to live better together and understand.

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