This is NOT your normal camp. If you are looking for a unique and uplifting camp experience where girls learn real life skills and work on self understanding, self esteem, relationships, group dynamics, leadership, cooperation & compassion then this is the camp for you. This is a once in a lifetime experience (except you can do it more than once!)

The P4T difference is due to the size of the camp, the quality of the programming & instructors and the philosophy behind the camp. We take a maximum of 25 girls and have 4 leaders and volunteers. Girls leave having had great fun, made lasting friendships, a greater understanding of who they are, what they want and the life they want to lead, no-one gets left behind. We do not cater to our campers and have a system where everyone takes a turn to prepare meals, clean, lead games, create plays and entertain the crowd (if thats your thing!). We work like a commune and empowerment comes from pulling your weight and realizing how important you are within the structure of the group. You burn the rice.... no problem, that's your life lesson!

In our beautifully run commune there is also a whole load of fun and activities. There is a daily meditation, a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner prepared and cleaned by campers of the day, a daily walk and free time. Sports are either volleyball, soccer or badminton. There are stand up paddlebaord lessons and guided lake tours, trips to Bala to watch a ski show, Ms Fix it workshop, hikes in the wood, Zumba and dance lessons and more. There is also a daily group talk/activity or discussion on self esteem, confidence, empowerment, body image etc. 

So you don't have to ruin your weekend driving up North we leave Toronto on Monday morning by bus between 8-9 am (pick ups in Bloor West Village and 427/401 junction) and return Friday afternoon (same drop off spots).

Monday                                                                       Tuesday                                                                  Wednesday

Leave Toronto, arrive Muskoka                                    Communal breakfast                                              Communal breakfast

Lunch                                                                            Morning Stretch or Fitness Class (choice)             Morning Stretch or Dance Class(choice)

Policies, Procedures, Group Discussion                       3 stations of Paddleboard/arts,dance,craft/sport   3 Stations      

Breakout Groups: Swim, Paddleboard, Sport              Healthy lunch                                                           Healthy lunch   

Self Esteem discussion                                                Leadership discussion                                             Body Image

Dinner                                                                            Daily Walk                                                               Daily Walk

Campfire, camp songs                                                  Kickboxing class                                                      Handygirl workshop (nails, screws etc)

Small firework show                                                      Early dinner                                                             Dinner (dress up night)

Counsellor and camper intro's                                      Walk & watch Ski Show in Bala                               Outdoor Karaoke

Night Snack                                                                   Campfire & Marshmallows                                      Campfire & songs

Lights Out 10pm                                                            Lights Out 10pm                                                      Lights Out 10 pm

Thursday.                                                                     Friday

Communal breakfast                                                     Communal breakfast

Morning class choice                                                     Pack up stuff

5 km hike at local provincial park                                   Free swim

Picnic                                                                             Lunch Stop

Yoga stress busting workshop                                       Special Outing

Talent Night                                                                    Arrive Toronto 4pm

Lights Out 10pm

Wake Up/ Midnight Feast

Back to Bed