Excited to say we were picked for 2017 as Best Summer Camp in Toronto and GTA by savvy-mom  http://www.savvymom.ca/gallery/best-summer-camps-toronto-gta-2017/5/

summer day camp

 Tweens (8-11)  Teen (12-16) 


The Tween & Teen camps run separately out of the same location. The Tween & Teen camp programs are based around similar concepts but vary based on the age of the audience. Throughout the camp we teach the Teen campers our lifestyle philosophies of self esteem, positive thinking, self reflection and resilience and then they develop and work on these concepts and ideas and present them to our younger campers. Our hopes for our teen campers is that they get to enjoy the regular camp experience while integrating the ideas presented to them by mentoring, leading and presenting their ideas to the younger campers. We hope this experience will then lead our older members into our girls groups that run throughout the year, onto our LIT program and that they become our volunteers and counsellors of the future. We build from within, starting at the base. We don't want this to be a 1 year camp, this is about a lifestyle that moves forward with them forever.

Our camps are based around having fun, getting outside, getting fit while empowering girls and giving them the tools to develop their self esteem and self worth. They are set in a fun, friendly environment where girls are encouraged to share their thoughts and examine themselves and how they integrate with world around them. They will be exposed to many different fitness activities and include:

  • 2 days of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP),
  • 2 sessions of self defence tuition,
  • Zumba class and beach volleyball.
  • Active Games
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Random crazy dancing
  • Yoga

The discussions and experiential learning activities are focused around positive self esteem, empowerment, self understanding and responsibility for yourself and others and connection to the environment and world and include:

  • Stress reduction and daily meditations
  • Understanding the importance of self talk
  • Creating affirmations
  • Self understanding and self esteem discussions
  • Positive body image
  • Negative media and technology effects (instagram etc) on girls and how to beat it.

There is also discussions on nutrition, a cooking class & the week ends with a dance party fashion show with a professional photo shoot. The goal of the Summer Camps is for this to be the best part of their summer (we are often told this), and have been ranked "Top Camp in Ontario" by all our participants!! We encourage and facilitate new friendships, a positive sense of self, the experience of new physical activities and the secrets to controlling stress and producing lasting happiness. We also randomly break into dance and let girls sing wildly their favourite songs. Basically, we have it all, and we know it, because this is what they asked for and we deliver, and when the requests change, so do we.