This leadership retreat is like no other. It is small and personalized and focuses on each girl as an individual. The leadership skills you get are not standardized because everyone is different and there is no one strategy for effective leadership. This program helps girls to recognize different leadership styles (from the authoritative leader, the coaching leader, the democratic leader, the pacesetting leader, the affiliative leader and the coercive leader) and discover their dominant leadership style. We explore how we individually respond to various styles of communication and what motivates us and find out how others are motivated and when alternative leadership styles are needed for different people and different circumstances.

We know that being an effective leader is based around personal self esteem, self belief, self understanding and empathy for others. This program teaches girls some of the most common methods used in psychotherapy today (cognitive behavioural therapy) to recreate their negative thoughts to positive thoughts and provides strategies to build self esteem to help empower them to be confident in leading others. Only 7% of our communication is verbal so we discuss how we communicate with our body and our thoughts.

This retreat is very experiential and much of the learning is through role play, games and open discussion, based around self exploration and creating positive change. It can be heavy as we discuss and deal with some of our vulnerabilities and insecurities and empowering as we learn how to build on the areas that challenge us most. This is a group that will work together and help support and build eachother up into the leaders of tomorrow while addressing who we are, who we want to be and where we are going.

To create real change we set personal objectives and work together in helping everyone achieve their personal goals. A mind blowing experience based on creating  a communal and uplifting energy throughout the week and in everything we do, which each girl will remember for years to come.

As with the overnight camp, girls will work together in the running of the retreat (including meals and cleaning) and there will be daily fitness activities which include dance, Zumba, self defence, kickboxing, yoga, meditation and stand up paddle boarding. This is all set in the beautiful town of Bala on a fabulous retreat at the end of Long Lake. There's time set into the day to live, do fitness activities, learn, hike, sit by the campfire, relax, meditate and dream of who we will become and how we will get there.

This is not a place where you need to come with friends as we work as a group and become one. We encourage new friendships and no one is left behind. If there is prior knowledge of having difficulty working within groups or if you need more focused attention please advise us beforehand and include it on the registration form so we can accommodate and adapt if necessary.

We leave Toronto on Monday morning by bus between 8-9am (pick ups in Bloor West Village and 427/401 junction) and return Friday afternoon (same drop off spots).

Age 13 - 17 *


​​(JULY 10 - 15, 2017)

​* We are flexible on ages depending on maturity, experience and what the child is looking for.