Girls Groups are 8 weeks long and cost $160 +hst per session (mid way entrance are prorated)

                               CREATING CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED GIRLS



The top reasons past members have said they love this group is because: you meet great people and make new friends, get fit and learn about your body, can speak your mind and not be judged, you learn how to deal with situations in your life, its a safe place to share your thoughts and ideas and get input.

The group starts in September/October and runs throughout the year and is split into 8 week sessions (mainly to make payment more reasonable). Girls can join at any time and stay for as long as they like - some of our members have been with us for over 2 years and some come for only an 8 week session and then move on to try something else, either way is fine. You get what you get out of being a part of this group. The group provides the most important things we think teens need; strategies to being happy & positive, techniques to stay calm and reduce stress and anxiety, assertiveness training, learning empathy and listening skills, understanding ways to improve self esteem and body image, an understanding of nutrition and leading a fit, healthy, productive and fulfilling lifestyle and fitness.

But it is soooooo much more than providing information; the group develops into something very special which revolves around learning, supporting each other, improving fitness together, being nonjudgemental, discussing situations and growing and developing ourselves. As leaders we merely facilitate and the girls decide how they want to run it and decide what they want to learn, discuss and do (fitness: Bollywood, Zumba, run outside, bootcamp, abs workout). At their own pace girls have the opportunity of running  and facilitating the sessions and bringing their own ideas up for discussion or fitness routines to share - among us there is a wealth of wisdom and experience that needs to be tapped and we find it by working together. Each week is different, each week is fun, each week we laugh, we learn and grow and understand ourselves and each other more. The energy created and the direction the group takes depends on who is there and what we feel we all need to grow and move forward.

We meet for 1.5hrs, which is split into a fitness component and activities or discussions surrounding a multitude of important topics. The objective of this course is for girls to go away feeling energized after good physical activity and positive and in control after group discussions or individual self analysis. This is a place where girls can feel comfortable sharing daily issues relating to school, friendships, parents, siblings etc in a non judgemental environment where they can get positive useful guidance they can use in resolving issues.